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Final update list for Windows Vista

KB Vista x64 Vista x86
KB3124275 Cumulative update for IE7/8/9, Jan 2016 Download Download
KB3183431 Kernel-mode drivers, Oct 2016 Download Download
KB3193418 Security update, Nov 2016 Download Download
KB3194371 Kernel-mode drivers, Nov 2016 Download Download
KB3205638 Security update Graphics components, Dec 2016 Download Download
KB4012583 Security update Graphics components, Mar 2017 Download Download
KB4015195 Security update Win32k, Apr 2017 Download Download
KB4015380 Security update ATMFD.dll, Apr 2017 Download Download
KB4014661 Cumulative update for IE9, Apr 2017 Download Download
IMPORTANT: Vista received updates the last time in April 2017! Microsoft will not provide any more support or security updates. Any further use of Windows Vista with an internet connection is a security risk, because present and especially known vulnerabilities will not get fixed! The list above is just for reference.

It is not permitted to copy and subsequently republish any of these pages!

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